BoCo - Soothe Summer Ailments

BoCo - Soothe Summer Ailments 

The cool breeze floating from the lake refreshes your sunbathed body as you flip burgers over an open grill. Crystalline reflections shimmer over the water, creating mirages that dance in the distance. How many times have you looked up to the clear sky in disbelief that the summer sun is still out so late? Now you can take a deep breath and bask in the glory of achieving a near perfect camping trip.

And then you hear that familiar zzzing by your ear and you whip around to see where it went. SLAP your own face and wave your tongs around in a desperate attempt to overthrow the demon. And then it’s too late; the mosquito has won again. And again, and again, and again. How the mighty have fallen at the mercy of such a tiny creature.

Summer time can bring a lot of fun but it also brings many nuisances (that we apparently forgot about since last summer)! Even if you’re not camping, maybe the warmer seasons take you out on more walks around the neighborhood or on hikes. Some unwelcome side effects from summer may follow you home and it would be best to have a cold compress around for immediate relief. You can toss several cold packs in a cooler and have them ready to go. Here are some reminders of what this season brings:


Bug Bites & Stings

After removing the sting and washing the area, use a cold compress for 10-20 minutes to reduce swelling. Rest at least an hour between cold packs. Getting a reusable cold pack because you’ll want to apply the pack over the next few days. To further reduce swelling, elevate the area.


Rashes from Poison Ivy/Oak or Sumac

An oatmeal bath and a slathering of aloe vera are first on this home remedy treatment list. Then use a cold pack on the affected area to slow down the progression of the rash, and to reduce pain and inflammation. These methods are used to provide immediate relief. And, although these are proven to soothe and aid recovery, always visit your physician for professional treatment if needed, especially if you have severe allergies.


Treat Sunburn & Prevent Overheating

If you start to overheat, you must stop what you're doing and seek shade and water. Preventing a heat stroke by keeping your internal temperature down is crucial. If you have the room in your pack for a water bottle, take a cold pack with you too. Putting this on the back of your neck or the crown of your head can bring down your temperature quickly. As with a rash, using a cold pack on a sunburn will relieve the pain and inflammation.

Reusable hot and cold packs have an array of uses in our daily lives. It’s such a simple tool to take with you on trips, in the car, and to stash at work. Learn more about how this cold pack is one click away from being a hot pad.