Video Credit goes to to Dean's Daily Doses on YouTube

How to use the Body Comfort Heat Packs:

-Flex metal disc to initiate the crystallization and heating.

-Knead the heat pad to soften it and spread the contents evenly.
How to use re-use the Body Comfort Heat Packs:

-Boil Water in a pot large enough to contain the heat pack.

-Wrap the heat pack in a cloth, a small towel, or for easy use, our Body Comfort Boiling Bag ( to protect the pack from sticking to the bottom of the pot or bursting)

-Place the wrapped heat pack inside the pot of boiling water.

-Keep in boiling water until all the crystals are dissolved and only a clear liquid remains.

-Do not leave the boiling pot of water unattended.

-Use tongs to remove the pack from the boiling water (To prevent puncturing the heat pack, do not use a sharp instrument to remove the pack.)

-Make sure that there are absolutely no crystals remaining.

-Place the heat pack on a cloth to cool down (at this point the pack can be used like a hot water bottle)

-When pack cools down, it's ready for instant use again.

-If crystals begin to form while pad is cooling, it should be boiled again until crystals all disappear.