BoCo - Post workout cool down or warm down

Post workout cool down or warm down

The Health & Fitness industry has always been a huge force, but lately, we find ourselves overloaded with information because of technology and easy access to content. There is always a new diet, supplements, new fitness influencers whose methods and tips seem contradictory. It even sounds like they’re making up new muscles just to sell us hoaky equipment. Sometimes these things can be dangerous for our health in the long term and we find out too late.

Always check with your physician before starting a new diet or exercise routine. Those disclaimers before workout videos exist for a reason! Preventing injuries before they occur is much easier than dealing with the damage that may happen in the future. Sometimes the stress may not even be the injury itself but the cost of seeing specialists and fixing the issue if something were to happen. It doesn’t matter the age at which you start taking precautions. The sooner the better. Here are a few simple tips to help you prevent injuries that are accepted industry wide. Don’t worry, it’s not more work!


Warm Up Before You Workout

Your muscles will become more flexible and ready for activity. The temperature will increase blood flow and circulation. Your body functions more smoothly and as your range of motion has also increased. Speed, strength, and endurance are all enhanced after a proper warm up.


Static Stretching Should be Done After the Workout

Included in the warm up mentioned above is stretching.Get loosened up properly with dynamic stretching such as arm and hip circles. Forget the long holds you did in PE where you were pointing down at your toes for 15 seconds. Static stretching is great after the workout as it slows down your heart rate and delays onset muscle soreness (DOMS). But it can cause tears before a workout as it strains the muscles.

 Post Workout Recovery

A few things need to happen after a good workout (or even just a long day at work). Having proper nourishment and hydration is widely known, but oftentimes we forget about resting. Recovery days are necessary to properly heal your body so it can be ready for the next round. Alternating between hot and cold compresses after a workout helps with many ailments associated with physical exertion. You never want to put a hot pack on an existing injury, but if you strained yourself during an activity, put a cold compress on it within 48 hours. Then alternate with the hot compress to relax your muscles, promote blood, and remove lactic acid. 

Don’t forget to sleep! Sleep is a huge component of a happy mind and body as it encourages muscle growth and healthy immune systems. Sleep is good, sleep is your friend. And that’s the easiest way to start injury prevention! Very simple place to start taking a little more care of your body. Stay tuned for more tips!