Kids & Heat Treatment

Kids & Heat Treatment

When you see a kid take a tumble on the field or just watch them wrestling with their friends in the yard, we like to think they are invincible and made of rubber. Compared to our bodies, children bounce back fast and with impunity! It doesn’t mean that they are not susceptible to aches and stiffness just like us. If your child is having a rough day at practice or they took a fall off their bike, use heat to help them recover.

Aside from rough play, cold and flu season is also coming up. Using a heat pad is ideal when you see these oncoming symptoms. You can also use a heat pad for tummy aches and constipation. Knowing how to use heat therapy is crucial as we are responsible for their health and safety.

Do not use heat on:

  • Infants or children
  • The face
  • Broken skin or wounds
  • Areas of swelling or numbness
  • The genitals or surrounding area
  • If they are using a medication patch (the heat may release too much medicine into the bloodstream, which can cause an overdose)

Before applying heat, check your child for:

  • Their ability to tell you if the treatment is too hot
  • Broken skin or wounds
  • Swelling
  • Signs of infection

When using My Body Comfort’s Reusable Heat & Cold packs, it is advised to use the pack covered in a cloth  no matter which setting you use (you can use a towel, a pillowcase, anything handy that is a fabric). For children, you want to ensure the heat pack is not too hot to avoid burns; so check their skin frequently and only use the heat pack for 15 minutes at a time (and for 30 minutes total = each session). Let the skin cool between applications. There needs to be air flow around the pack so do not let your child lay on the pack and do not let them fall asleep while using one.

Constant monitoring is necessary but heat therapy is such a soothing and easy way for kids to feel better. With our 5 piece set, the whole family can relax at the end of the day with a click of a heat pack button!