Life Hacks

Life Hacks:  Simple Changes to Help You Rejuvenate in Under 20 Minutes

Productive and active people are often time-starved, over-committed, non-stop multitasking and frequently feeling as if 24 hours are no longer enough for all that must be accomplished, daily.  

These sensibilities are largely a biproduct of the digital age.  The 24/7 connectivity that life now includes as a “new cultural norm” for generally everyone. Social media is fascinating, and it praises and depicts industrious lifestyles as a much-sought status symbol of success, and as a true measure of self-worth and importance.  However, staring at the computer or iPhone screen for numerous hours, can lead to poor sleep habits that accelerate the fatigue factor and stress related to all of this activity.

As you can imagine, all of this necessitates simple, creative ways to decompress and rejuvenate. Thus, without further adieu;

10 Top Trending Life hacks – for Self-Care

Ingenious and clever self-care hacks are about much more than eating gooey chocolates or lingering in a fragrance filled, hot, bubble bath, although these are nurturing activities.  For overly busy people, there needs to be deeper and more lasting action taken, in an extremely small expanse of time.  It is do-able if the hack that’s added is simple and appealing, yet effective.   

This list of 10 quick life hacks works wondrously well and the results are monumental if repetition is incorporated into happy habits:

  • Take 20 minutes to read a chapter, nightly, or whenever, routinely of a book one can get “lost” due to its interesting, helpful, humorous or insightful content.
  • Regularly listen to a personally crafted, favorite music playlist and dance, yes “bust a move”. It is so freeing and improves well-being.
  • Apply Body Comfort instant, reusable, hot and cold packs, anywhere, when aches, tension and muscle discomfort from the hectic pace of work, and an active lifestyle produce tension and pain.  Tip: Use the Lavender infused products to be instantly calmed by both the mind and body.
  • Stretch in the shower or bath, even while still in bed in the morning or before sleeping. Call it a “Mayo Clinic” hack, as their research supports nightly stretching to increase flexibility, improve joint motion, reduce chances of injury, and relax the tense muscles used most, during the day. (Warm up first, and no bouncing).
  • Disconnect. Find a time to log off, turn off, disengage from technology and before bed choose no “screen-time”, which robs users of the natural deep sleep needed to restore energy and vitality.
  • Hydrate with a personalized special concoction that caresses taste buds such as lemon-ginger electrolyte with added lime, sea-salt, agave and mineral water.  (Watermelon and Coconut water work well too)
  • Entertain the brain with stimulating podcasts on favorite subjects, comedy, humor, human traits, sports, history and anything engaging and personally enlightening.
  • Cultivate creativity, by journaling, doodling, photography, playing an instrument, painting or building something with Legos or clay. 20 minutes of creativity, often, is a great way to incubate the brain from its normal hyper-focused activity, to restore, energize and destress for improved well-being.
  • Practice the 20/20/20 life hack if staring into a computer screen daily0, with no down- time, is an integral part of your chosen profession.  Make it a healthy habit to visually focus 20 feet away from the screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to alleviate eye strain.
  • Practice “life gazing” during down moments in the day when there is an opportunity to truly be aware of the present environment: sunsets, falling leaves, the ocean, the skyline, and more, without judgement or critiquing, just clear-sighted observance. This exercise heightens the senses and keeps one’s perspective fully present and authentic.

A Coherent Philosophy for Living Well and Happily

Self-care, in a perfect world, would be an integral part of the process of being authentic, happy and productive.  Often, in today’s success-driven society, putting self-care last, and all other endeavors first, is considered essential for attaining success and fulfillment. It’s quixotic to ignore the simple fact that self-care, which is always evolving, creates the best version of one’s self, and fosters patience, passion, discipline, optimism, connectivity, and self-esteem.

Finding your own way to stay focused and balanced in your life, when a hectic schedule or well-made plans fall apart, leads to a successful and productive lifestyle that been earned.   Do the self-care hacks that are “just for you” and feel the positivity. Physical, mental, and emotional health are not an indulgence, but rather a necessity for having a happy, vital and nurturing life. 

Developing a healthy mental attitude, a coherent philosophy for embracing a personal knowledge of one’s valued-self, and the understanding that self-care is deserved and vital, allows each person the time to reflect, to dream, and to be grateful. Once these priceless yet simple self-care hacking activities become a norm in life, becoming a philosophy that is practiced and becomes habitual, the results will be extraordinary. The capacity to engage, listen, problem-solve, invent, imagine, love and feel worthy of what has been attained, will be the solid foundation for a lasting harmony within and in this spinning, constantly evolving world.