Travel-Take-Alongs to De-stress On Long Flights

Travel-Take-Alongs to De-stress On Long Flights

 When making the conscious choice to travel far from home, by plane, the use of contemplation is recommended for simple survival, and remaining upright, healthy and mentally strong upon arrival at the designated destination. Whether it’s a 46 hour quest to Italy from the west coast of the United States, an 11 hour sojourn from Paris to Madagascar, or wherever; the engine hum, children’s noises, or hot, crowded, not-necessarily clean, conditions, flying is now an arduous task to be endured rather than enjoyed.

From the long lines, removal of shoes, and measuring of liquids and gel carry-on amounts at Security, to the hassle of finding the correct gate after trekking through the enormity of international airports, and customs, carrying copious amounts of luggage, paying the related fees, and finding the elusive boarding pass when needed; stress begins to build, and merry moods begin to become disquieted. The Wi-Fi availability and getting to watch tv at 30,000 feet offer some restoration of happiness.  However, sitting for extended time, cramped up against others in the new slim, less comfortable seating gets to be tedious as the hours drag on.  Those who can afford more comfort travel business class and get a perch to lie on as they cross oceans and continents. Coach class does offer some larger seating, for a fee.   

Avoiding the Cranky Flier Syndrome

No one strives to be a cranky flier. There are survival hacks to make taking to the skies less formidable. Don’t worry about being less chic, leave the ego at home and bring a comfy travel pillow which supports the head, neck and cheek area, alleviating a constant wake cycle and on-going neck pain.  The wisdom of this choice will show in the happiness exuded even hours later. Ear plugs are a necessity for fliers. They function perfectly to assist with equalized ambient pressure, allowing a gradual air flow and ear popping without causing earaches, headaches and sinus problems. Choosing the right size and fit, and removing them when the flight altitude is achieved, is a win, win, with even less reason to get cranky.

Pack an Essential Flight Care Package

Activating your self-care ideology to enhance the lengthy airborne experience, is a very proactive approach to staying calm, destressed and happy.  Knowing the take-alongs that offer comfort on many levels is wisdom utilized, as being stuck on a tarmac for hours with no food, is no fun.  Tweak this list or hack it, to meet needs that are uniquely your own:

  • Protein snack bars
  • Cheese sticks
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits or fresh
  • Rice cakes
  • Kale Chips
  • Crackers with peanut butter or cheese

Avoiding unhealthy airport food, keeps the traveler feeling well and ready to pursue the adventure that awaits.  Bringing purified water, in a roll-up container that is filled after the security inspection, is another take-along that works to defy thirst and the stress it conjures up. Be diligent about any food which is gel-like. It must be 3.4 ounces or less and packed with other liquids due to Regulation TSA 3-1-1.


Wipes and Vitamins, Baby

Travel is priceless for many reasons, and necessary in this global society, but it presents health challenges which can be daunting without taking precautions. Many seasoned sky-warriors take vitamins, regularly, and as take-alongs on these flights. Keeping the immune system reinforced with Vitamin D and B, and probiotics helps support good digestion when foods that will be consumed are not familiar. Taking a healthy holistic approach to travel keeps the body and mind more stress-free, and able to enjoy the destination. Using natural wipes, yes, the baby kind, to keep your hands, and frequently handled items, as germ free as possible, is one more simple take-along that provides a wellness defense that works.

The Travelers’ Empowerment Take-Along

The longest and most impressionable part of any flight is the time spent in the air, and that is often very stressful due to the palpable feeling of being crowded on both sides.  Lack of movement, and the ability to stretch out, cabin pressure, and oxygen levels effect the body and are a source of concern as they exacerbate any circulatory problems, arthritis, joint and muscle issues, and the overall stiffness and swelling that comes from being inert in this environment. A phenomenal take-along which provides warmth to stimulate circulation and reduce pain; or cold to relieve swelling and reduce the aggravating ache of arthritis, muscle strains, stiffness in the neck and even bruises, is the Body Comfort Instant, Re-usable Hot and Cold pack. These packs need no electrical hook ups and offer moist or dry heat, or cold whenever it is needed.  By flexing a small stainless-steel disc, heat is produced with lasts up to 30 minutes. No microwaving is needed and no guess work.  The application of instant therapeutic heat of 130 degrees, or comforting cold, is easily accessible and instantly helping to reduce body pain, lowering any traveler’s stress level as the pain subsides, and comfort is restored.  These stellar packs empower the suffering traveler to attend their painful places quickly, and without any hassle. In no time, comfort is restored, and the ability to stretch and move in that confined environment, although limited, is do-able.

Wheels Down on New Ground

Air travel brings multitudes of people and cultures together to discover their similarities and feel a global one-ness. It is said that air travel magnifies all human emotions. As exciting and alluring as these trips may be, they are also stressful.  Planning in advance, the take-alongs that will give comfort, sustain health, and promote wellness and pain relief, will allow for the best possible experiences as new horizons are embraced and cultural awareness soars.