BoCo - Cold & Flu Season

BoCo - Cold & Flu Season

It's that time of year again. The holiday lights are being strung up, the smells of delicious comfort foods fill the air. What else is in the air? Influenza! This year is even more concerning as we are also battling with COVID. Fear not, as you and your family go through these colder months, there is home relief for your aches and pains. As much as we research and bring facts to each article, we are not medical professionals, please consult your physician if you feel ill or have health concerns.

There are many similarities between the cold and the flu. The common cold is a milder illness than the flu; both viruses  affect your respiratory system and are contagious. However, the danger in catching the flu is that it can lead to other, more severe health problems such as pneumonia and possible hospitalization.

Cold symptoms to be wary of are runny noses, congestion, sore throats and coughing. A child may develop a fever but it is not likely for an adult. Most people will be back in good health within a week of catching a cold. Anything longer could be a sign of a sinus infection or an allergic reaction. Flu symptoms, on the other hand, hit much harder and faster. The same ailments are present with the flu with the addition of fevers, muscle aches, soreness, headaches (and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea). It may take more than a week to feel stable again. None of this is fun for you or those around you. How can you help yourself during these times?

Relief for both the Cold & Flu:

  • Stay home and REST!
  • Stay hydrated but avoid sugary drinks and sodas
  • Eat a bland diet and small portions
  • Wash your hands frequently, even if you are already sick and staying at home
  • Make a virtual appointment with your physician as soon as possible
  • Drink warm broths & herbal teas
  • Inhale steam (use a humidifier)
  • Use cold therapy to alleviate headaches and fevers
  • Use heat therapy to relieve muscle soreness and aches

It is interesting to see that our bodies simply need rest. This is easier said than done. Our modern lifestyles usually don’t accommodate rest and selfcare. Keep that in mind throughout the year so that you can restore your body and mind.

Many of these items listed above are household staples. Consider stocking up now as it is always better to be prepared than to need something at the last minute. If you don’t have the means for hot or cold therapy, a reusable pad is ideal to keep in the home. This set includes a variety of sizes and comes in a five pack, so the whole family can be treated at the same time. You can use these pads cold by putting them in the fridge for half an hour. If you need a heated pad, simply flex the disc inside to activate the heating element. These pads are reusable and come with a lifetime warranty. So, get better and feel better, knowing that you will be prepared this year.