BoCo - Arthritis Relief for Dogs

BoCo - Arthritis Relief for Dogs

We have relied on the companionship of dogs for millennia. For most of us, they are considered a family member. But we often forget that they suffer the same ailments as we do. From kennel cough to diabetes, our dogs are susceptible to so many diseases and viruses similar to ours. And old age is no different. Age and everything that comes with it will affect your dog and they have limited ways to express their pain. This article raises awareness and brings facts to you. However, we are not veterinary professionals. Always take your fuzzy buddy on regular vet checks to ensure optimal health.

Canine arthritis is just as painful as our version of it. The normal wear and tear from age results in what we know as osteoarthritis. The cartilage in their joints diminishes over time and any extra injuries or stress on the joint can further erode the cartilage and damage the bones. The joints that bear weight are particularly affected: hips, knees, shoulders, and the spine. Arthritis is progressive and cannot be cured. Consider these methods to help reduce the pain for your pet (and yourself):

Diet/weight loss: Any extra weight will add pressure and stress to their joints. Check with your vet to see if your pup is at its ideal weight and if supplements can provide relief. Anti-inflammatories such as glucosamine or chondroitin might be recommended.

Daily, mild exercise: An immobile joint will stiffen up and actually cause more pain. Walking or swimming is a great way to keep things lubricated. Indoor activities may be more appropriate, depending on your dog’s level of mobility and pain.

Warmth and massages: We know the pleasure of getting a massage. Your furbaby will also benefit from gentle massages (there are methods out there that you can research on how to properly massage your dog). Loosen up those muscles and help them relax. Heat is also a vital element to alleviate pain! Having a couple heat pads like this one is necessary. Wrapping up a heat pad in a blanket and letting your pup lay on it will bring so much comfort and relief. They are also reusable so you can always have one on hand, ready to use, while you reset the other pad.

We look forward to growing grey with our pets.  Keep them happy and comfy as they have provided years of joy for you.