Pumpkin Spice...More like Heat or Ice?

Pumpkin Spice...More like Heat or Ice?

November can feel like your last chance to catch some peace and quiet before the holidays come bounding in. Body Comfort cold packs aid in reducing swelling and discomfort after strenuous activity. Whether you are doing barre exercises in your living room or sweeping the leaves from your lawn, you owe your body some relief after an active day.

Body Comfort packs can be used both cold and heated. These two types of therapy can make a difference to your aches in just 15 minutes of application.

Heat therapy is a great option to heal tense and sore muscles. When applied to the point of tension, heat increases blood flow in the area, loosening your muscles. Encouraging blood flow also warms up joints before activity and relaxes a muscle spasm.

A Body Comfort cold pack is most effective when applied to a new pain or injury. The cold will slow down blood flow in the area, inhibiting swelling and further discomfort.

Climb into the coziest chair in your home and apply heat or cold to your sore points while sipping on your favorite fall beverage, be it cider or a frothy pumpkin spiced concoction. A little Autumn aroma paired with Body Comfort’s lavender heat packs is the perfect combination for a quiet night in — the new alternative to the crazy night out.