BoCo - Beat the Heat

BoCo - Beat the Heat

Summer just decided to slap our faces this month! There is no escape and not all of us experience this season by the lake, pool, or beach. In fact, many places on our planet remain inhabitable and yet we insist on developing in those areas. Only air conditioning seems to offer relief for these areas. Learn how to cope during these months without breaking the bank.

Create shade

Finding shade under the blistering sun will cool you off by nearly 10-15 degrees. Getting out of the solar radiation is what makes you feel instantly cooler. Something as cheap and simple as opening an umbrella will provide this lifesaving cover. You can also easily move it as the sun changes position throughout the day. Overrun your patio, balcony, and right inside of your doors at home with green plants. Plants absorb the heat from outdoors and will create a refreshing atmosphere indoors. And if strategically placed, you can shade yourself under a huge leaf while sipping iced tea on your patio.

Water works

Maybe the beach is nowhere near you and a pool is too much maintenance and water is scarce. Grab your favorite drink and a cheap kiddie pool and sit in it filled with ice. The same device you use to shoo your cat can help you stay cool. Keep a spray bottle in the fridge to give yourself a cold misting throughout the day. If all else fails, throw a wet shirt or towel in the freezer and wrap it around your sweaty self.

Refrigerated Cold Packs

It says it right there in the name: Refrigerated. Cold. Pack. Our reusable cold packs are long lasting and easier to manage than freezing a wet towel. High quality materials ensure that our cold packs will not break down on you after countless applications. You can start small with just our palm-sized pack which you can place on the back of your neck or under your armpits. Or you can upgrade to our larger sizes that cover multiple areas of your body. The key cooling points on our bodies are: the crown of your head, the armpits, kneepits, wrists, and feet. Our full set is perfect for sharing with another or using just for yourself to cover most of your body. Our lifetime warranty is a statement of ours to show you we believe in our products and we simply want you to have this amazing item. Consider a cold pack before you consider sitting in that tub of ice!