Neck & Shoulder Unscented + Back Unscented + Head Massager

Neck & Shoulder Unscented + Back Unscented + Head Massager

$ 30.00

This bundle includes:

Back Unscented

Originally designed by a chiropractor and used to treat troubles of the back, spine, lumbar, arms, legs, hands, knees and elbows, the newest adaptation of our back heat pack is wider, for additional body contouring capabilities and muscle relief. The versatility of the back pack makes it a must have for the entire family.

Neck and Shoulder Unscented

The form- fitting neck and shoulder’s new ergonomic design and body hugging contours provide more direct and soothing heat than ever before. The Neck & Shoulder pack is large enough to sooth your upper back, shoulders, and neck area. The cut away slots allow it to contour to your body shape so the heat is distributed evenly.

Head Massager

 “Wake Up your Head” – Made from copper, which acts as a conductor, our Head Massager taps into your electrical fields, offering exceptional healing properties, eliminating stress and tension.