What's In My Body Comfort?

What's In My Body Comfort?

 The gift giving season is in full swing and the numbers are showing that we have not stopped shopping despite what’s been going on since 2020. Have you started looking for gifts? It may be a stressful time for us all so let’s talk about why My Body Comfort is perfect for all those on your gift list.

Kids & Adults Will Benefit

Our reusable pads can be used both hot and cold. If you or your child is suffering from the flu, a cold pack from the fridge will bring relief and comfort to your overheating body. If you play sports, you can reduce pain from new injuries like a pulled muscle or even a stubbed toe with a cold pack. A click of the button will turn this into a heating pad and you can cozy up to it on cold nights or apply it to achy or stiff muscles.

Older Folks Living with Pain

Maybe we shouldn’t limit it to just older people, most adults and even children suffer from a form of arthritis. Keeping a heat pad on hand will greatly reduce the pain from arthritis symptoms.

Our Pets

Our pets suffer from many of the same conditions as we do. Not just medically, but environmentally as well. Keep them safe from your radiators and fireplaces by activating a heating pad and putting it in their favorite spot. If you have an older pet that also has degenerative disease, a heating pad can bring so much comfort. Use this tip during the Summer months as well. Keeping a pack handy in your fridge or cooler can save your pup from overheating in the summer. Let them roll around the cold pack, they’ll love it.

Ideal for Use Throughout the Year - Reusable for All Seasons

Pain doesn't go away just because Spring comes around. Our packs come with a lifetime warranty so you can use these over and over again. We encourage using our pads throughout the year to treat all sorts of ailments but let’s not forget that we can use our pads for relaxation. Consider using a heat pad right before a massage or a chiropractic appointment to loosen up your muscles. Even if you need an in-home spa day, our pads can be used cold to rejuvenate your skin.

Keep some in your car on those cold winter drives to work. You can toss one to a coworker or friend as well.

Medical & Food Grade Materials Are Used

We always aim for quality. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty as well as using the highest quality materials. The sodium acetate is the liquid you see in the heating pads. This is simply a food grade salt that can be rapidly heated or cooled. The tiny molecules are turned into a solid state by the flexing of a stainless steel disc inside (it’s the heat that is caused by the metal that starts a chain reaction in the salt to heat up). However, our formula is not meant to be ingested, so do not eat the sodium acetate found in our pads. The outer shell of each pad is made of a medical grade plastic that is suitable for your skin. We recommend wrapping the pads in a towel or fabric to prevent any possible discomfort for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Consider trying one for yourself. The gift sets are handy because you can break them down into individual pieces and give them away (perfect for stocking stuffers). You can also tailor each gift If you know that they are experiencing pain in specific areas, like the neck or shoulders. You can also easily purchase these online and directly ship them to your loved ones with a gift receipt. These reusable pads are one of those universally wonderful gifts that benefits everyone. It is a go-to gift, even if you can’t think of anything else to give, these reusable pads are a fantastic default gift. It will be a lovely surprise for anyone who receives it!