Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action

The winter always seems to drag on a little longer than the warmer months, especially this year. But luckily, Spring is right around the corner, bringing warm weather and some more time spent outdoors. It’s about that time to start opening your windows and getting your bike out of storage.

Here are a few of our recommendations for getting outside.

Explore where you are

Can’t travel? Not a problem. This is a great time to try being a tourist in your own town. Go out and explore your city’s hidden gems, landmarks and parks. Chances are, you’ll learn a lot about a place that you already thought you knew.

Have a picnic

We’ve been eating inside for months and it’s getting old. Get together your pod and get out to your favorite park or hiking trail. Pack lunch, snacks, even bring a bottle of wine with you. When you're not using them to soothe your aches and pains, Body Comfort cold packs can be used in a cooler or picnic basket to keep your food fresh.

Hike or bike a new trail

Hiking, biking, and walking trails might have been out of commission or buried in snow for a while, but finally the paths have thawed out and are getting greener by the day. Use a trail guide to discover a trail you’ve never been down before. Spring is all about the new, so start yours off with a discovery. When you’re back, kick your feet up and enjoy a heat compress with one of Body Comfort’s reusable instant heat packs.