Happy National Fitness Month

Happy National Fitness Month

May is National Fitness Month in the USA! And while we’re a little behind on our exercise routines (like a year behind…) this is the best time to pick up where you left off.  

Being physically active is not always about breaking records or running the longest marathon. If that’s your thing, amazing! Some of us are also still trying to figure out how to incorporate exercise into our lives. Fitness is the most fun when it feels natural and luckily there are a ton of fun ways to be active this month!

As we’ve all learned this year, it is possible to be active at home. There are so many instructors on YouTube (from barre and Pilates, to weight lifting) and phone apps that will help you break a sweat in the comfort and privacy of your living room. As the world is opening back up, there are also a ton of great ways to get active around your neighborhood. Gyms are the obvious answer, but there are also more affordable ways to exercise. Check out your local recreation center or YMCA for instance. These community resources often have awesome facilities, from pools and gyms to tennis and basketball courts. They may also offer weekly classes where you can exercise with an instructor. You can even call up a friend and invite them to take a walk around your town or on a nature trail. Or, do it solo! Walking alone can lead to lots of peaceful introspection. 

Getting back into a fitness routine can definitely be daunting, but it can also be extremely rewarding and make you feel great! You know, exercising releases endorphins in your body, which can actually make you feel great after an activity. Make sure you’re geared up and ready for any activity. As much as stretching and warming up is essential for pre-workout preparations, think about your post-workout care as well.

Along with your protein shake, consider My Body Comfort’s Hot & Cold Packs to keep inflammation down. If you went too hard on leg day, take the cold pack from the refrigerator and slap these onto your sore muscles. Remember that 20-minute intervals are recommended for cold or heat therapy. Acute pains and inflammation are best treated with the cold method.

Pro tip: Even if you just need to cool down after a hot day or need that extra crispy coolness, wrap the cold pack in a towel, douse it with cold water and wrap it around your neck.  

So enjoy your health and all things fitness as we slowly approach the end of May.

Good job, keep it up!