Arthritis Awareness

Arthritis Awareness

This very common disease is actually not understood to our fullest capacity.  Although it affects most of us as we age, it is more frequently found in women and can be found in any age group, gender, and ethnicity. Although there are 4 basic categories of arthritis, there are actually over 100 types of arthritis and its related conditions. The symptoms can stay mild and linger for years but it will most likely get worse over time.

It’s imperative to monitor the stages of arthritis as it can cause permanent joint changes as well as debilitating pain. The most important step is getting a correct diagnosis of the type of joint pain you possess. Being aware of the type of arthritis you have is imperative to determine the types of treatments that will help preserve your joint health as best as possible. There is ongoing research on this elusive disease and how we can help ourselves live with it.

Heat and Cold therapies are most effective for those living with Degenerative Arthritis. This is the famed Osteoarthritis that most of us are familiar with. Unlike the other forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis may be prevented by staying active and maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding injuries, avoiding repetitive movements and using hot and cold therapies. Using over the counter pain relievers aids in lessening the pain, but should not be used so that you can continue strenuous activities.

Depending on the area you are affected by osteoarthritis, Body Comfort provides multiple sizes of our reusable click packs to better fit the situation. Our hand warmers are perfect for those stiff finger joints or if you need a larger size for your knees, back, or shoulders, we offer two styles in our large sizes. Our entire line of products are sized to accommodate any part of your body and alleviate all those aches and pains.

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